Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 rd June

To date the trip has been awesome for me. The problem that I had on the first day with the alternator and regulator on The Beast was a curved ball from the left side for me. Tense moments, varied thoughts, lots of whisky and good company. Then off to the Botswana border post called Zanzibar. Time flew and we decided to stay this side (SA) for another night. We found a stunning place outside Swartwater called Zazoe which was run and owned by a Dutch couple.
For dinner Jess made us toasted sandwiches on the braai. Jenny had leftover Kentucky and coleslaw.
Early the next morning we headed off to fill up with petrol and then travelled along a 25 km stretch of dirt road to the Zanzibar border post but only to be told that the river was too high so we would have to go to the Martin's Drift border post! About turn again!
The roadside has the most amazing Baobab trees.
On day three we crossed over into Botswana at long last!!
We headed off to Nata some 472 km away.
The thing that strikes you when you travel through towns and the countryside is how clean everything is. Litter is scarce, the locals seem to have a pride in everything around them which is more than can be said about South Africa.
Jenny and Gavin have given a few of the soccer balls away to the locals who really seem to appreciate the gesture.
We passed through Nata and stopped at a place called Elephant Sands Lodge. We decided not to camp and stayed in chalets. Frankly we should of slept in our tent as the room had no windows and it was freezing cold. You got to wake up with a cold nose and neck the whole night! The highlight was watching a herd of elephants drinking and bathing at the waterhole in front of the pub.
We headed off to Kasangulu and Kasane the next morning. Bought meat and vegetables for the next 5 days (and beer).
Drove through the top of the Chobe Reserve to Katima Malino where we crossed into Namibia and then into Zambia. At the Namibian border they wanted to take our meat away from us but we were eventually able to keep it all.
I have to say that so far our border crossings have been nothing but a pleasure. Everyone has been so pleasant.
Tonight we have stopped over at Shakeltons - a stunning fishing place on a oxbow of the Zambezi river.
Jess, Gavin and I pumped up two soccer balls and took them to the local community school where 22 odd girls were playing soccer on a dirt field. They were blown away when we gave them the balls. Awesome to see that small gifts are still appreciated.
Tomorrow we set off on a 300 km dirt track road towards Kafue. No clue what to expect.
I am looking forward to the solitude and stillness of where we are off to!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2 still in south africa

Eventually Alan's "sliver beast" fired into life at 15:00 and we sped on to zazoe, still in south africa . After garlic and cheese toasties on the braai we sat discussing the world at large and non sexual cerebral issues that gav doesn't understand. After the jameson raid we endeavoured to repack our cars in the dark and then gave up and went to bed, ready for an early start tmr - to hopefully finally get out of SA!

Day 2 in Africa

Day 2 on our trip and we have only managed to get to mokapani (this town looks like Potgietersrus to me) and we have had our first breakdown. Alan's cruiser alternator is now out of the car and been repaired by Toyota. We simply can't go on without the fridge that keeps the ice not working. Spent the night at a lodge just outside the town. Great food, people and of course pub. Woke up early to go and check the progress of .... Still not ready. The girls were robbed this morning by the local monkies who only managed to get a box of rusks and a old boiled egg.

Monday, May 31, 2010


A vehicle might be serviced, checked and checked again, but there will always be something that escapes the most prepared traveller...

I just got a call...

Outside Potgietersrus, The Beast (Alan's vehicle) decided that the Alternator no longer wanted to go to Uganda. B&B overnight and off to Toyota in the morning for a new Alternator!
These are the things that make the journey interesting and test your sense of humour.

Well, they can always have a drink, they have enough Jameson's to float a boat or sink a ship?

and the journey begins......

At 1pm today, the team set off for distant lands. The last few Soccer balls, old clothes and pens were crammed into the vehicle and after a few hugs and tears (mine) they were off.

Tonight I cheers to a dream realised, may we all achieve that goal during the journey we call life.

Bon Voyage

No More Sleeps!!

Today has at long last arrived!!! This past week-end was spent running around buying the final bits and bobs and fitting the final little things to the vehicle (the bottle opener was the most inportant!) as well as packing and re-packing all the kit.

Popped around to Gavin to watch rugby (team lost) and had a awesome time! I must say it has become pretty obvious that there are so many people out there that have dreams that they are not striving to do. The amount of people that have said "you are so lucky to be doing this trip" has made me wonder why if you have something that you really want to do, you do not get out and do it. There will never be the right time! I am just so excited that Gavin and I are realising one of our Dreams.

One final meeting at the office today and then we leave at 12h00. We drive for 472 kms to Batseba (28 Degrees 47'33.51" S 28 Degrees 12'42.30" E) which is a farm owned by a friend of mine. Jaco has allowed to stay there for the night before we cross over at Zanzibar border crossing into Botswana. Once into Botswana we drive to Nata or further.