Friday, May 14, 2010

The Dream

For many years I have wanted to travel across Africa on a motorcycle but there was never enough time. We are always so "busy" with our lives we miss out on doing the things we are most passionate about. Last year I had an offroad motorcycle accident which resulted in me being inactive for a long time. There I was, a fairly active person, hobbling around on crutches with a pretty messed up knee and a broken collarbone (never mind the reputation!). In my mind I replayed the accident over and over again but frankly, there is no excuse for being fool hardy.

Whilst lying on my back recuperating I realised that life is actually far to fragile and short to delay the things one has a real desire to do. Having had to rely on Fiona to assist me with normal day to day things that we all take for granted, having friends and co-workers running me to and from the physio and work, the penny dropped, what if my injuries had been worse?

So whilst at this stage I am not able to do the trip on a motorbike I became pretty focussed of doing a trip into Africa for myself. Life is a great thing as we are surrounded by opportunities every single day, the key is to recognise them and make the most of them.

One day my good friend Gavin and I were sitting having a quiet drink and we got chatting about doing another trip into Africa, and so the thought process started....

I was a proud owner of a 80 Series Landcruiser and proceeded to make a list of modifications that I would have to do to the vehicle to make it "comfortable" for the trip!! One day I showed Gavin my list and he said great, all he has to do is buy a vehicle!! And so we had the makings of a trip!!

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