Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 13 Alan's Perspective

I sort of cut short my comments on a few points. But here we go.

Andrew and George from Fringilla are a awesome father and son combo. Andrew
the P cat and George the stable one. No seriously, just the salt of the
earth people.

Onto young Mark (or not so) and Mel at Kapishya, Mark did not know what had
hit him!! The Jameson's (did you know that Jameson's is not a adventure
drink) team had come to town, Gavin and Alan!
I think that Mel is pretty happy we left after three days as Mark was
taking strain.

To say that we had a fun time with them is a understatement, they are
awesome people.

I mentioned the visit to Shiwa House, frankly whilst there is certainly
lots of history that surrounds the place and all the books say that you
must visit there, it is over priced for what it is. You get to see a
chapel, library, dining room and oh yes the lounge. All this for $20!

So we left Kaposhya this morning and travelled to the border post. What can
I say but the fact that Zambian people are so great and now we have to move
beyond our border experience with Tanzania.

2 hours and 15 min it took to get through the process. You are hassled by
so called agents as they want to make a buck out of you, they do absolutely
nothing for their fee other than show you where to go.

Both Gavin and I got to tipping point. Enough is enough, who needs to be
hassled for nothing?

Eventually we got through but by this time tempers were on the cusp of a
reaction! Off to Utengule Coffee Lodge
for the night.

Arrived at lodge after dark. Checked in and had dinner. Had a early night.

Alan Austin
National General Manager Sales & Marketing

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  1. I'm following your progress with interest Alan. You always were an adventurous one.
    You're correct I would love it, but Christine prefers 5 * tents e.g.Londolozi.

    Good Luck for the rest of your trip.