Tuesday, July 27, 2010

26th July Fiona's Perspective

After a quick cup of coffee (Jen's jump start for the day) we set out for the coast. The first big town that we hit was Chimoio. We stopped to draw money and put in petrol. The ATM queues were down the road, but to our delight, the Std bank ATM was deserted. Reason - No money!!! So after waiting an African 5 minutes for it to be refilled (actually 30min) we drew money and were then able to fill up with petrol and continue towards the coast.

With every country visited, there are always roadside stalls, but there are subtle changes in each country. Mozambique definately has a different feel to it. Besides the Portuguese writing everywhere, it just feels different.

The drive today was fairly stress free due to the roads being good and relatively free of traffic, so we made good time and only had to give one policeman a bottle of water. Actually he wanted Coke and couldn't speak English, so he looks at Alan blankly and says Coke? Alan says no, we have none and gives him a half finished bottle of water.

By 3PM we arrived in Inhassoro. We stopped in at Seta Lodge and had Prawns & chips and a bottle of wine with a sea view. Well, that was just for me. Alan had his own meal and some Whiskey. Gav & Jen ordered Calamari expecting rings and got a Calamari steak instead. I think something got lost in translation.

After that we decided we were not going anywhere and booked chalets for the night.

Mozambique is going to be a quick overview for us. We can always come back again as it is so close to home.

We sat on the deck whilst the sun set and Alan & Gavin attempted to work their way through yet another bottle of Jamesons.

At about 10PM we all went for a walk on the beach as it was full moon, the tide was out and it was the romantic thing to do.

The holiday is coming to an end, and I can't say I will not be glad to sleep in my own bed, be able to love my dog again and be back at the office.

Too much of a good thing can ruin it...

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  1. Fi,

    "be able to love my dog again"...you might want to re-phrase:-)


  2. Alan,

    I notice Gavin, Jen and yourself have become very lazy bloggers since Fiona joined you. You need to put fingers to the keyboard, and not rely only on Fi to keep us entertained:-)


  3. You might have heard that the local excitement today has been about an escaped tiger, yes, I repeat, tiger.

    Said tiger was on back of owner's bakkie en route to vet, when it escaped in the Delmas area. Although it has been sighted heading towards Nigel, it remains elusive.

    We could have an interesting few days:-)