Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 21 Jen

We have decided to make lake victoria our base for a few days and
couldn't have had a better view of this part of the lake. It's been A
fairly .. Gentle experience winding down after some rough driving over
very corrugated bumpy roads in serengeti which in a wAy took it out of
us and that doesn't mean to say we never found it incredible to
literally see hundreds of thousands of collecting wildebeest and zebra
getting ready for the fabulous migration spectacle which we still
might see. Again we should have camped but after seeing lots of
collecting rats running riot over the camp site called dickdik ...
Don't go there ever! We strayed too far from the camp site to return.
We nearly got lucky by needing to book into an ' and beyond ' camp.
Only three grand for the night each! Lucky for gavins wallet there
was no room at that inn so had to downgrade to another first class
inn ... Shame ! Wonderful accomodation wonderful location. Called
bellamgete. The days viewing was not disapointing but we had a
helleva rush to exit the park by one o'clock. Should that time be
exceeded huge charges are applied which we didn't want . So off to
lake victoria. And here we Are! Lots of bird life here to keep
us entertained keeping your eyes on the still waters allows you to to
take deep breaths and relax. Which is what a holiday is all about.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Gav,

    Am really Jealous would love to do a trip like this ....

    Njoy and keep us updated.

    Carl (The Dart Guy)