Friday, June 25, 2010

From the wetlands of Kenya!

After crossing the border in to Kenya, we lunched at a dilapidated golf course and then arrived in Kakamega in the rain, thankfully we stayed in a hotel :) On the journey, i noticed a few interesting things
  • the inhabitants love to burn things, anything...this creates a disgusting smell and wafts through the window as you pass the towns
  • it is seriously populated ...i discovered this when I was desperate for a wee, very hard to find a deserted spot in these parts!
  • A new light was shed onto car your car into a shallow dam and start washing! This method can also be applied to bicycles and motorbikes!
  • most people wear these cheap,brightly coloured slip slops, it reminds me of the Malibu advert! They definitly live the island life...well at that pace anyway!

After a good rest, we drove into the Kakmega Forest, WOW, so beautiful and instatnly calming. I was desperate for the loo again and was pointed in the direction of the toilet...a long was so bad, i called Jen to keep guard and went on the outskirts of the forest! hee hee

We went for a very interesting walk in the forest witha guide, Caroline. Jen and i had a 'bush manicure' - there is a 'sandpaper tree' that we used to buff and file our nails, when Caroline offered some nail polish (bright orange sap from a tree), we drew the line! Delicious dinner cooked by the master chef and his apprentice followed by smores :) (marshies and marie biscuits)

We are outside Eldoret now, thankfully in a chalet (it rained last night and all can say is that i am not that much of a water baby!) looks like we are expecting some rain ...

Awaiting the arrival of our final team mate...5 more sleeps and counting! Until next time.... kwaheri!

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  1. Gee J with all these wee stops you must have some interesting stories to tell - nothing changes! Looking forward to seeing your pics and more especially, you. x