Thursday, July 15, 2010

15th July Fiona's Perspective

Alan and I got up a little later than normal. A) because the weather is a little cooler and it was warmer in bed B) we were tired because of the late night and driving all day (no, it had nothing to do with the Jamesons)

I did not mention how delicious the Samoosas were last night. We opted to have a snack for supper and they were tasty!!!

We drove into town and found a supermarket. Eldoret is quite a large town. After a shop for essentials, like bread, Red bull and Garlic we were on our way.

The drive down to Lake Nakuru was quick as the roads were probably the best we have been on for days. Unfortunately the vehicle started jerking intermittently, which is a problem we have had erratically for the last 4 months. Toyota Rivonia amongst other garages could not find the problem back in SA, but after visiting Toyota Nakuru, Kenya. We felt some hope. We left after an hour or two in the workshop and some spare parts, just incase.

We stopped at a petrol station to get a colddrink on our way out of town when an old African man tried to sell Alan a tow rope... It must have been a sign. Alan said he had no need for one, but the old man said he needed the money, so Alan offered to buy his Knob Kerry for R50. What a bargain, he handed it over, took the money and ran!

But disaster struck 12km down the road...the jerking and loss of power was still happening. So, we turned back to Nukuru.

Then the drama unfolds, the car won't start when in the workshop.
So, we had to leave the car in the workshop overnight and find a hotel to book into. The workshop manager was ever so pleasant and even gave us a lift to a hotel.

On the upside, at least I can do some washing!!!

Well, Gavin and Alan have done 10 300km since they left Kyalami and between them have only had to replace 1 x air suspension, 2 x fuel pumps, 2 x Air filters, 1 x Alternator and whatever tomorrow brings. Oh, and Gavin has a cracked windscreen.

So after an early dinner and 2 Dawa's (a Kenyan drink) we retired to bed.

Tomorrow will no doubt bring new challenges....
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