Friday, July 16, 2010

16th July Fiona's Perspective

Well, it is Friday lunchtime and they are still working on the car. They are now thinking it could be electrical, having eliminated all else. If they don't find the problem today, we are stuck here till Monday as the workshop is closed over the weekend!!!

I have extended our stay in the hotel by another night, whilst Gavin and Jen have moved on. We will most probably meet up in Mozambique again.

I am visualising the beaches in Mozambique again. I think positive visualisation is very effective.

Realising I am stuck for the afternoon with Alan at the workshop and no transport I went looking for something to do. I found a salon and booked a Manicure and Pedicure. What a treat after 2 weeks of walking around in slip slops in dusty conditions.
At home you would pay in the region of R400 for both. It cost me R140 and looked great!

I then anxiously waited for Alan to call as they had put the car back together and were going for a test drive.

In Uganda the main mode of transport besides Taxis, which were only common in main Centres and for long distance travel, was a Boda Boda. This was a motorbike rider who gave lifts across town to about 3 people at a time and charged about R2 - R5. No helmets necessary and obeying the road rules not even considered. They can be seen everywhere and hang around in groups on street corners.

In Kenya you have the Tuk Tuk, which is a little 3 wheeler car which charges R10 for a trip and then you still have the motorbike riders.

At 5PM I finally got a call from Alan to meet me in the bar!!! Good news, the car has been fixed!!!

After exhausting every other option, they found that the chip installed by Steve's Auto clinic in Kyalami Business Park was causing arcing and the intermittent power fluctuations. What really irritates us, is that we took it to Steve's Auto Clinic and told them there was a problem with the chip and can they look at it. They removed the chip, left the harness, which was causing the problem and did not even test drive the vehicle and still charged us R1500.00.
P.S. Alan is busy scraping their sticker off our rear windscreen!!!

Anyway, after celebrating, we are going to find a local restaurant tonight for dinner and plan our next few days.

Positive thinking works!!!

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